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  • MiracleLED Ultra Grow Lite

MiracleLED Ultra Grow Lite

LED Specialty Bulb

by Miracle LED

$36.50 $50.00


MiracleLED® Ultra Grow Lite is a technological leap ahead for the indoor garden.  Sipping less than 10 Watts of energy, this bulb puts out over 990 lumens of green growing, full daylight spectrum power.  Featuring AFE™ Almost Free  Energy technology brings together massive energy savings, huge light output, and incredible lifespan!

Chemical-free growing is perfect for many different environments from small kitchen herb gardens, sun-starved winter house plants to large commercial hydroponic greenhouses.

•  Nearly Zero Heat Output Protects Plants From Damage

•  Up to 10X Longer Life Than Standard Bulbs

•  Environmentally Friendly With No Mercury

•  Full Spectrum Light For Maximum Photosynthesical Power