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  • MiracleLED Ultra Grow Lite
  • MiracleLED Ultra Grow Lite

MiracleLED Ultra Grow Lite

LED Specalty Bulb

by Miracle LED

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MiracleLED® Commercial Hydroponic Grow Bulb


605038 MiracleLED® Ultra Grow, Commercial 1900 MICROMOLES

The same Hydroponic technology used by the pros!
That’s right… these are the professional hydroponic bulbs chosen by serious growers for fruiting and flowering power! MiracleLED® Professional ULTRA GROW LITE Hydroponic LED bulb… WITH MASSIVE 1900 MICROMOLES of light! Professional gardeners like to put into growing arrays of light bulbs. The facts are in…Plants want 1900 Micromoles of DAYLIGHT to grow and flower indoors!

And the best news… Replacing OLD, HOT, EXPENSIVE GROW LIGHTS with MiracleLED® Ultra Grow can save you $58/ per year PER BULB! This number can add up quickly when you are into serious growing of plants!

NEW MiracleLED® Professional use… ULTRA Grow Light is a breakthrough LED technology providing a continual supply of DAYLIGHT spectrum light without hardly any heat or electric draw at all. You won’t see the electric meter spinning when you use this bulb and the heat output is almost non- existent! The light spectrum is tailored to the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll, carotene, phycoerythrin and phycocyanin. It's ideal for massive growth and flowering of vegetable in home or commercial gardens.

Amazing life long life LED that runs for pennies per month! For indoor use only. Do not immerse in water or make bulb wet. These bulbs can run 15 times LONGER than inefficient incandescent grow lights! Based on NASA deep space studies with plants. 120V 5 Watt 5000K Natural Light. Standard light bulb base E26.