Miracle LED



The Un-Edison Bulb is the ONLY True Omni-Directional LED bulb on the market!

  • Replaces a traditional 60 watt incandescent bulb
  • Saves $181.50 in energy * vs. 60 watt incandescent
  • $.61 per year Estimated Energy Cost*
  • Uses only 5 watts of power
  • 500 lumens / 100 lumens per watt or energy
  • Instant brightness (same as a regular Incandescent bulb)
  • 25 times longer life than an incandescent bulb (30,000 hours)
  • Produces virtually "NO HEAT"! Saves on air-conditioning bills)

*Based on $.11 per kWh over the life of the bulb. Cost depends on rate and usage